«Welcome to Looms. From February 2018 until May 2021, this site documented the transformative travels of 9 musical pieces through (potentially endless) chains of artists/musicians. Each participant gave his version of the track to an artist of their choice, and so on. Unfortunately, this site was destroyed by the server host. It may return in a different iteration at some point. Until then, the player above still plays all the material from the Looms-project, original versions of the tracks plus their mutations, nonstop. Many thanks to the artists who participated: Lukas Huber, Michael Anklin, Benjamin Kilchhofer, Raven Bush, Jata, Reboot Joy Confession, David Fenech, Aaron Moore, Niklas Kleber, Joachim Knoll.» – D. Grimm, 2021

If you would like a download of all the tracks with their titles, please write a quick note to ping@looms.site